During the day, these white giants remain silent while they contemplate the sea. Seagulls play to fly between their heights while the "Embat" wind blows between its stained glass windows. It is at night when the miracle occurs: they light up, illuminating the horizon and guiding the ships to a safe place.

The lighthouses of Mallorca are a piece of art in themselves and, each in its own way, they govern very different landscapes. The most majestic is that of Formentor. It is located at the north end of Mallorca, at the end of a winding road of 14 kilometers. But if you venture there, the reward will have been worth it. The lighthouse is on an imposing cliff from which, on clear days, you can enjoy the views of Menorca.

From the North we go to the South, to the lighthouse of Cap Salines. Here the coast is flat, virgin and lonely. From this point you can start two walks to some of the best preserved beaches of Mallorca: north to the small beach of Cala Màrmols, with turquoise waters; to the east towards the virgin beaches of Es Carbó or Es Dolç. And if you prefer to stay by the lighthouse, you will discover at sunset how the lights of their brothers lighthouses light up in Cabrera, just south of Cap Salines.
A more humanized lighthouse is that of Portocolom. It is at the end of a peninsula that closes the bay of this port, one of the most beautiful in Mallorca. Walking to the lighthouse at the tip of Ses Crestes is a beautiful walk. And if you do not want to spend the energy on this walk, you can always stop at one of the bars or restaurants located on the banks of the same port. From there you will also contemplate the imposing mass of this lighthouse, of black and white colors, which was inaugurated in 1863.

And to finish, we offer you one of the most spectacular in Mallorca: Capdepera. If you get here you will discover a magical place: a wild peninsula, populated by pines crushed by the force of the wind and rocks of strange shapes. Do not be surprised to feel the special strength of this place. You will not be the first. The singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat already included it in his song 'Cada loco con su tema': 'I prefer the roads to the frontiers, and a butterfly to the Rockefeller Center and the lighthouse of Capdepera to the watchtower of the West'.

Xisco Amer